Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poetry on Infant death in Neonatal Intensive care unit

1654.JPGPremature Death

Your tiny life

meant everything to me, gone forever

I know you are tired of fighting

tired of all our efforts

Your last breath

gone with the wind

gone to the nature

gone to the God,

forever and ever

Peace at last, peace on to you

Peace on to me, peace for all

no way to return, one way to go

no pleasure at all, harmless me

sinless mind, truthful body

purity in my heart

no one to touch

no one to tell

I go forever

I am gone forever

I see my death

I saw it coming

you could not stop

I could not stop

Thanks for trying

do that again for others

sooner I will be

forgotten memory

tucked into my past

into my coffin

here I go

God given gift

gift of my life

shorted life

frozen in time

you tried for my life

I tried for my life

you let me go

I go to God

What's life got to do with it ?????????

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